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PCQ Assistant Support

Email support is available for the PCQ Assistant by emailing 

Please be sure to include the following items with ANY support request:

  • What version of windows do you have? (Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2K)

  • Your name and phone number in the event we need to call you.

  • A detailed explanation of your problem and how to duplicate it.  If we cannot duplicate a problem, we cannot fix it.

  • If your problem involves a particular pattern file not opening, please be sure to attach a copy of the pattern file to your support request email.

  • If you are getting a strange error message, please press the PRINT SCREEN button near the upper right hand corner of your keyboard, open your word processing document, and press CONTROL and the letter V.  This will paste a "screen shot" into the word processing document.  Then attach that word processing document to your email.