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PCQ Assistant and Site - Copyright 2003 Abadus Quilting
Patterns Illustrated - Copyright Munnich Design & Ellen Munnich
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PCQ Assistant Feature List

In addition to displaying your patterns instantly, the PCQ Assistant will allow you to...

  • NEW! COMPLETELY recalculate and resize a pattern file.

  • NEW! Step through a design, point by point, as slow or as fast as you want to!

  • NEW! Cut out a portion of a design and turn it into a completely NEW pattern!

  • UPDATED! Redraw your patterns in slow motion in order to discover problems with a design.  New enhancements have been added to make the slow draw even MORE user friendly than before!

  • NEW! Right click on a pattern filename, and select "Copy Filename to Clipboard", allowing you to paste a long filename AND it's path into the quilt program, eliminating the need to type in lots of text.

  • NEW! Custom define up to 3 jump directories, allowing you to move between different storage folders with ONE mouseclick!

  • NEW! Define your own custom COPY folders, allowing you to easily and quickly categorize various designs into specific folders.

  • Display statistics such as height, width, number of jumps, and number of pauses, and the number of points in a pattern file.

  • View the pattern information lines at the same time you are looking at the actual pattern to aid in debugging and problem solving of difficult designs.

  • Full file manipulation capabilities, allowing you to easily copy designs to and from various directories, rename files, and delete files all without having to leave one application to use another, such as Windows Explorer.

  • PCQ Assistants copy features allow you to quickly and easily copy a design to the C:\PCQ folder, or to a floppy drive (in the event you are using an older computer which is not connected to your main digitizing and internet computer)

  • View all the designs from a particular directory as thumbnails, making it easy to find a file even if you don't know the exact name of it.  Thumbnail viewing is also a great tool for discovering differences in different versions of the same design!

  • Zoom into a design (200% or more of the original size) to view trouble areas close up, or just to see how a design works!

  • Print designs out one to a page with all statistical information, including comment and instruction lines from QuiltRecipies.Com patterns. 
    (Click to See a sample of a Design Printed at Full Page Size)

  • Print multiple designs to a page with all statistical information under the design.  (Click to See a sample Thumbnail Page Printout)